Loading pre-planned routes on to Garmin GPS units

If you have a pre-planned ride as a GPX (or TCX) file you can load it on to a Garmin device as follows.

  1. Plug your Garmin into your computer using a USB cable. The device will show up as two mounted devices on your computer: one for the Garmin’s internal memory (called GARMIN), and a second for the micro-SD card that contains your maps.
  2. Open the device called GARMIN. This will show a list of the files stored in the Garmin’s internal memory. One of these is a foldercalled Garmin.
  3. Open the folder called Garmin. You should see another list of folders, one of which is called NewFiles. Open NewFiles. (It will most likely be empty). You should see something similar to the picture below. Note however, that this is from an Apple Mac; on a PC it will have a similar structure but the appearance will be slightly different.
  4. Now drag or copy your GPX/TCX file(s) into the NewFiles folder. (You can copy multiple files if you have several routes you want to transfer.) Once copying has completed, unmount (or eject) the two, mounted, Garmin devices. It’s important to do this to ensure all data have finished transferring correctly before physically unplugging your Garmin.
  5. Unplug your Garmin.
  6. Turn on your Garmin. During the startup processing your GPX/TCX files will be converted to Garmin’s internal format and placed in the Courses folder of the device. You can now select the course and choose to ride it.