Joining a ride


Why not join us for a ride? You can come with us for three rides as a guest. After that, if you'd like to continue then you will need to join the parent Cycling UK organisation. This is to provide insurance cover whilst riding with our club.

We are not a racing club, and as a rule we will ensure that riders are not left behind. For this reason, it’s important to join the correct group so that you do not keep other riders waiting unreasonably. This applies to regular riders as well as those joining us.

Bush Bank

Types of ride.  Regular rides are organised throughout the year. On Sundays there are A, B and C rides. A rides vary from 50 to 75 miles, very occasionally 100 miles, and are for regular cyclists able to ride at 15 to 18 mph and to cope with hills. B rides of between 50 and 70 miles are slightly slower (12 to 16 mph) and usually (but not always) flatter. C rides cater for older riders and beginners or returners to cycling and are more like 30 miles at a gentler pace.

Leominster lunch stopApproaching Dolgellau

On Wednesdays there are Vets’ rides, which are similar to B rides in pace and vary from 40 to 65 miles, depending on the time of year and weather. Vets’ rides start from Wilmslow.

A and B rides are covered over the course of a day, broken into four sections: start – coffee – lunch – tea – return to start.

Which ride? New riders are asked to join a B or C ride as a first step. If you are a regular and fit cyclist then you may be able to join an A ride, but it’s important to discuss the ride with the Club Secretary or the Ride Leader to ensure that you will be able to keep up. As a rule we will ensure that new riders are not left behind, so it is important to join the correct group.

Returning after coffee. If you’re pushed for time, or unsure of your fitness, you can ride with us as far as coffee and then return. Often, there will be some riders returning to Stockport/Cheadle after elevenses, so you may be able to return with them. Please check at the start of the ride whether this will be possible.

Your bike and what to bring. You don’t need a super-lightweight bike to ride with us, but a lighter bike obviously helps. Most of our members ride lightweight bikes with dropped handlebars. Your bike needs to be in good working order, and in winter you’ll need lights, and a spare inner tube (or two!) is useful in case of punctures. Mudguards are appreciated when the weather is wet, or the roads muddy. Bring something to drink and maybe an energy bar or other snack in case you need one.

Carry ID when riding. When riding with the club it is the responsibility of all riders to carry some form of ID. This should contain your name, address, and the name of a person to contact in case of emergency. Should you have any specific medical conditions (e.g. unusual blood group), or medication, that might be important in case of injury, it would also be useful to put this on your ID. Some of you may have this information on your phone (under ICE — in case of emergency), but it would also be useful to carry it in written form, either on a small card, or maybe a wristband designed for this purpose.

Young riders (under age 18). Young riders  are welcome to join our rides as long as they are fit and strong enough to keep up; many late-teens can do this without problems. The minimum age for unaccompanied children on our rides is 13. There is no lower age limit if accompanied by a responsible adult acting in loco parentis, but a signed parental consent form is needed. Teenagers aged 13 to 17 may participate unaccompanied if they have parental permission and the parental consent form is signed. You can download a copy of the form here to print and complete before the ride. Young riders who are members of Cycling UK only require one copy of this form to cover a series of rides (e.g. a year’s rides). In the case of non-members a separate signed copy of the form is needed for each ride — see the form itself for full details.

Guest riders. If you'd like to come as a guest we'll ask you to fill out a short form and give it to the ride leader on the day. This provides insurance cover in the extremely rare instance of an accident, and provides us with contact details of a person to inform should it be necessary. To save time you can fill out the form before you come. You can access a copy here. Print it out, complete it and bring it with you. Or else you can complete one on the day – the ride leader should be able to give you one.
You need to do this for each ride that you join as a guest.