Next Walk Ride GM meeting

The next meeting of this campaign group will be held on February 12th, if anyone is interested. Click here for details.

It will be held at City Labs 1.0.

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework has been redrafted, and the 2019 version is available here. It’s open for public consultation, Please take a look and have your say on behalf of cyclists!

This revised plan substantially reduces the amount of greenbelt land around Woodford earmarked for development, providing evidence that public input does have an effect.

Stockport plans for Walking and Cycling

Stockport Council has published its draft plan for walking and cycling, which you can access here. The appendices contain lots of maps, although they are difficult to view in detail because they aren’t interactive. A public consultation is open (accessible through the above link), so if you want to provide input to their plan this is your chance. It’s open until 15th February.

If you’re a keen cyclist then it’s worth taking a look at this, because Stockport will be eligible for funding from Great Manchester for walking and cycling. This will give them the resources needed to actually implement their plans.

Slide show on 24th January

Harry will present a slide show of his tour along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the USA, at the Club Room in Cheadle at 9.00pm on the above date.

SMCTC Committee meeting

There will be a Committee meeting on Monday 21st January. Please will any members wishing to propose items for the committee to discuss please contact David Goatman.