Veteran Cycle Club meeting

Bob Bennett has sent details of this meeting:

Wednesday 14th March  7.00 pm for 7.30
Woodside Golf Club, CW4 8HJ  Map 118 746698

Cycling Erotica  -  Cycling Advertising in the 19th Century
Speaker Nicholas Oddy  - Head of Design History and Theory, Glasgow School of Art.

We are delighted to have Nicholas make the journey from Glasgow to speak to us about and illustrate the development of male cycle related erotica that emerged in the 1860's, in the context of the development of the bicycle. 

Nicholas is a longstanding V-CC member, one of the founders of the Scottish Section, a speaker at meetings of the International Cycling History Conferences and Chair of the Trust which controls the National Cycle Archive. 

By the nature of the subject matter there may be images that may disturb some persons.  Most may be described as "titillating" although, for completeness of the topic, there will be a few illustrations which may be regarded as (19th C) pornographic. If there is time there will also be illustrations of poster and graphic art.

As in previous years, to keep track of numbers for licensing and fire regulations, bookings must be made in advance by contacting Bob Bennett (as in the Year Book). Bookings will be restricted to V-CC members and friends until the 1st March but after that date any remaining places will be offered to CTC and other local cycling groups.

We are promised an interesting evening in accordance with the object of the club - to stimulate interest in all types of old cycles and cycling history!

If you wish to attend you must contact Bob: 07860 349818,

Rides cancelled

Please keep an eye on the Runs Lists. Because of the exceptionally cold weather some rides are likely to be cancelled, including Wednesday 28th February and the A ride on Sunday 4th March (which had been due to go into the Peaks).

SMCTC Committee meeting

A meeting of the committee is planned in the near future. If any member has anything they would like the committee to consider please would they contact the Chairman, David Goatman.

A555 Airport Relief Road updates

As you may know, Carillion was one of the joint contractors on this major project. An update on the progress of the scheme, including a statement about Carillion, can be found on the SEMMS website. Also on this site are summaries of other improvements being made at junctions and on local roads as a result of expected changes in traffic caused by the new road. There are also aerial photos of the scheme at different points on the route, taken in December. Although the official completion date was most recently listed as Spring 2018, the Carillion debacle and other factors, such as the weather, look likely to introduce further delays.

Cycle path: Cheshire East responds

Genni Butler at Cheshire East Council has kindly forwarded my complaint to their highways department. Time will tell if they do anything to improve the situation. Meanwhile, if you have any complaints about road surfaces that you think need reporting then you can use their reporting tool at

Or, you can use CUK’s Fill that Hole app on your phone. If you haven’t tried it then it’s worth a go. It uses your phone’s GPS to record the location, and you can take pictures of the problem as well as describing it. A report is sent to a central database and forwarded automatically to the relevant local authority. I have used it in the past and the pothole in question was mended within about 10 days.

Even more punctures

A further three punctures have now been reported — slow ones, resulting from thorns — bringing the total to 10. Is this a record for a single club run?