Cycle network developments in Stockport

Stockport has secured susbstantial funding from the Greater Manchester Mayoral Challenge Fund to implement new cycling and walking paths. Click here for a summary of the proposed developments, which will be subject to consultation.

Changes to GPX Editor

I’ve previously used this to create GPS routes and have recommended it. However, the developer has made some changes so that the really useful routing is only available to subscribers, and this costs £20 per year. I also use a free account on Ride with GPS and also Komoot. You can still use GPX Editor free, but only with 'As the crow flies' (straight lines) or ‘Fastest' (uses main roads) as the routing methods.

The new routing methods also seem to be rather slow, but the system now offers the option to drag routes in order to make local edits, which is available free of charge in Komoot.

I guess if you want an easy-to-use routing system and you are likely to use it frequently then £20 a year is not bad — the developer has been doing this free for years!