Harry Burton wins Going the Extra Mile Award

Harry was recently nominated for a volunteer award given by Cycling UK. His category was “Exceptional Individual in a Cycling Group”. He was one of three finalists. When the envelope was opened at the CTC volunteer celebration held in London on 15th June (David Goatman was there to represent Harry, who is away touring in France) members will be pleased to hear that it was Harry’s name inside. Harry was awarded a “Going the Extra Mile” Trophy. See:

There will be a special club night to celebrate this achievement at 9.00 pm on Thursday 27th June.

DSC 0007

Harry touring in France, June 2019

Wherever next?

These SMCTC riders certainly get around! Here’s Pete Williams enjoying the view en-route from Porto to Lisbon. (And advertising the club too!)

Pete in Portugal

Update about George

George’s sister, Lucy, sent us this link to a Memorium page for George. It contains a brief biography and numerous photos. The video contains mostly a slide show of the photos, but it’s probably easier to study these by scrolling down and viewing them individually. There are a few of George cycling with SMCTC, and also some showing the red hair that we never saw, as well as an old-fashioned moustache! Before the photos are comments submitted by friends, including a rather revealing one about George test flying a Harrier jump jet.