Bike stolen in Buxton

Here’s a post about a bike stolen in Buxton.

Hello Roger

I am contacting all the cycling clubs around Manchester to see if I can track down my bike that was stolen in Buxton on Sunday 8th April and was for sale on Facebook Marketplace that evening advertised by a 14 year old scally in Stockport. It’s a MEKK POTENZA 3.0 which is uncommon enough that I’ve never seen another one.  Picture below.  I know this is mine because the saddle slipped on the ride that morning — and of course there are several other features that I can see in the photo.

Would be really grateful if this could be circulated and anyone that finds it could let me know. There is currently one on eBay that I know about and isn’t mine (has black bar tape.)

Many thanks

Glenn Brennan  (