Leading a ride

Have you thought about leading rides for us? It can be a rewarding experience and is a good way to learn your way around local lanes. There are plenty of people to ask for advice, and we have a large number of routes available, with recommended cafes and pubs for tea stops and lunch. For most of these we also have GPS files. Our club members are very tolerant and helpful to new leaders. We all had to start at some time!

Cycling UK provides a comprehensive Ride Leaders Handbook. This document is one that is used on training courses. It is – perhaps understandably, for legal reasons – somewhat prescriptive and very detailed. Do not be put off by the length of the document: it contains sound advice and much of it is commonsense.

A good way to learn is to lead alongside an experienced leader. If you would like to give this a try please let us know.

Leaving Lower Slaughter