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Coronavirus: In view of government advice,  ALL OUR RIDES are cancelled until further notice. This includes Sunday rides, Wednesday Vets’ rides, and also meetings at the club room on Thursday evenings. Groups of six riders are now permitted, with 2 metre distancing:  Here’s some advice from Cycling UK if you want to cycle.

Members will be sorry to learn that John Thorogood has suffered a minor stroke and has been in hospital. He would no doubt value a phone call, or even a visit from his friends.

Virtual Club Room. Thursday evenings at 8.05 pm several club members are meeting virtually using Zoom. If you’d be interested in participating, please email Roger, and he will send you instructions on how to join in.

Are you riding your bike? If you go out for a solo ride and can take some photos, please send them to Roger and he’ll put them on the website for others to enjoy. See below — keep them coming!

Looking for somewhere to break your ride? Many cafes are reported to be serving refreshments outside: Flora Tea Rooms at Henbury are said to be serving outside on Thursdays to Sunday inclusive, from 10.00 – 14.00; and The Snowdrop Cafe at Grasslands are similarly serving customers outside (hours not known). Cafe Nero in Wilmslow is open for takeaway 8.00 – 17.00 Tuesday to Saturday, payment by card or app only. Tatton Park is now open for cyclists walkers and cars. The cafe and 'socially distanced' toilets are open. For take-away food and drinks the nearby Cranford Cafe in Canute Place, Knutsford is now open mornings and lunch times. Judith Mary canal boat, Whaley Bridge, now serving takeaway, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (see photos below). Also, the Fig & Fennel, a new cafe on the corner of School Lane and Park Lane in Poynton (see photo).

Geoff Southworth spotted a MEN article about the new Fallowfield Loop bridge which will be installed in the near future.

Don’t forget to carry ID when riding. Click here for details.

DSC 0768

The Ice Cream Parlour, Parkgate, Cheshire Cycle Way (Geoff Sothworth)

DSC 0770

The front door stair! (Geoff Southworth)

IMG 7823

Hassop Station opens from Saturday 4th July (Pete Williams)

Charity Bike Shop Chester

Charity Bike Shop, Chester (David Goatman)

The New Hudson is not for sale!

The New Hudson is not for sale! (David Goatman)

St Michaels Earl Sterndale

St Michaels, Earl Sterndale  (David Goatman)

The Quiet Woman Earl Sterndale

The Quiet Woman, Earl Sterndale  (David Goatman)

War Memorial in Earl Sterndale Churchyard

War memorial in Earl Sterndale churchyard  (David Goatman)

Well at Wormhill commemorating pioneer Civil Engineer James Brindley who was born here

Well at Wormhill commemorating James Brindley, Civil Engineer, born here (David Goatman)

IMG 1787

Millers Dale (Gwynedd Miller)

IMG 2497

Astbury Church (Roger Hubbold)

IMG 2496

Lane near Ollerton (Roger Hubbold)

Sandbach Warning

Sandbach town centre (David Goatman)

Saxon Cross Sandbach

Saxon Cross, Sandbach (David Goatman)

The Square and Cross Sandbach

The Square and Cross, Sandbach (David Goatman)

IMG 1778

The stocks at Chapel-en-le-Frith (Gwynedd Miller)

River Dane and Pavilion Cafe in Congleton Park

River Dane and Pavilion Cafe, Congleton (David Goatman)

Buxton Pavillion Gardens Bandstand and Octogon

Buxton Pavillion Gardens, Bandstand & Octagon (David Goatman)

Pavillion Garden Bird Pond

Pavillion Garden Bird Pond (David Goatman)

IMG 20200614 133858677

View north from top of the Brickworks (Hilary Tarleton)

IMG 20200614 143046012 HDR

Cafe in Poynton, with outdoor seating (Hilary Tarleton)

IMG 7742

Whaley Bridge Canal Basin (Pete Williams)

IMG 7744

Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (Pete Williams)

June 2020

Whaley Bridge Canal Basin, from a photo by David Goatman (Roger Hubbold)

DSC 0749

‘George’  at Chester during an afternoon ride (Geoff Southworth)

DSC 0748

Roman wall at Chester (Geoff Southworth)

A life of Lime

A Life of Lime  (David Goatman)

Alfie at Bugsworth

‘Alfie’ at Bugsworth  (David Goatman)

Bugsworth Basin

Bugsworth Basin  (David Goatman)

Redesmere cyclist

Redesmere cyclist! (David Goatman)

IMG 20200531 125237418

Flora is open (see above)  (Hilary Tarleton)

IMG 1772

Silk Hill, looking towards Bings Road/Whaley Bridge. Hilly! (Gwynedd Miller)


Corvid-19? (Roger Hubbold)

DSC 0743

Waiting for a train on the Cheshire Cycle Way (Geoff Southworth)

Fulshaw Cross Wilmslow

Fulshaw Cross, Wilmslow (David Goatman)

The Mobberley sundial

Mobberley sundial (David Goatman)

The Mobberley Pub Hub is open now

The Mobberley Pub Hub is now open (David Goatman)

Panorama of Goyt Valley Peak Forest Canal & Mellor Moor from Marple Ridge

Panorama of Goyt Valley, Peak Forest Canal and Mellor Moor (David Goatman)

Mobberley Shield and Flowers

Mobberley shield and flowers (David Goatman)

Artist Lane

On Artist’s Lane (Albert Smith)

Lamaload Reservoir (2)

At Lamaload Reservoir (Albert Smith)

Lamaload Reservoir

Sara at Lamaload Reservoir (Albert Smith)

Just looking at the moon

Just looking at the moon (Albert Smith)

Rides we can only dream of Col Du Galibier 2642m in 2018

Rides we can only dream of: Col du Galibier (Albert Smith)


Redesmere (Albert Smith)

Gold Medal winners sculpture Disley

Monument in Disley to local heroes Dame Sarah Storey and Barney Storey (David Goatman)

Sarah and Barney at cyclejumble Jan 2020

Sarah Storey and Barney Storey pictured at a cycle jumble at the Manchester Velodrome in 2020 (David Goatman)


Rob on Kerridge Ridge (Rob Cohen, taken by Steve)


Steve by the Murder Stone, Higher Disley (Rob Cohen)


Steve on Kerridge Ridge (Rob Cohen)

IMG 1752

The Cage, Lyme Park (Gwynedd Miller)


At the Cat & Fiddle (Rob Cohen)

DSC 0733

On the Cheshire Cycleway (Geoff Southworth)

DSC 0728 1

On the Cheshire Cycleway (Geoff Southworth)

DSC 0732 1

On the England/Wales border (Geoff Southworth)

IMG 7516

A view of Long Hill (Pete Williams)

Whaley Bridge Canal Basin

Whaley Bridge Canal Basin (David Goatman)

IMG 1749

Sheep at the top of Pott Shrigley (Gwynedd Miller)

DSC 0726 1

The horse says “You lost again? It's that way”. (Geoff Southworth)

A quiet corner of Cheshire

A quiet corner of Cheshire! (David Goatman)

IMG 7429

Old road over Mam Tor (Pete Williams)

View SE from Kerridge

View south-west from Kerridge Ridge (Roger Hubbold)

Doves near Slackhall

Doves between The Wash and Slackhall (Roger Hubbold)

IMG 7404

Winnats Pass (Pete Williams)

DSC 0711 1

Nesting swan, Trent & Mersey Canal (Geoff Southworth)

Empty M6 near Knutsford

Empty M6 near Knutsford (David Goatman)

Grade 1 Listed St Oswalds Lower Peover

Grade 1 listed St Oswalds, Lower Peover (David Goatman)

Handforth POW camp info

Handforth POW camp info board (David Goatman)

Site of Handforth WW1 POW camp

Site of Handforth POW camp (David Goatman)

Gawsworth Graveyard, 28th April

Gawsworth Churchyard, 28th April (Pete Williams)

Fields near Morley Green

Fields near Morley Green, from a photo by Bill Irwin (Roger Hubbold)

IMG 2457

Woods downhill from Henbury

DSC 0684

Geoff Southworth asks: ‘ Where am I — has the map reading gone wrong?'

DSC 0673

What a place for a flat rear tyre! (Geoff Southworth)

DSC 0672

Along the Cheshire Cycleway (Geoff Southworth)

DSC 0675

The Cross at Sutton End (Geoff Southworth)

IMG 0574

Top of brickworks towards Kettleshulme (Caroline Palfrey)

IMG 0575

Cheshire plain from Pym Chair (John Palfrey)

IMG 0576

Pott Shrigley Church (Palfreys)

IMG 0513

Shutlingsloe (if only!!!). Actually, Mont Blanc last September (Palfreys)

IMG 7260

Near Ollerton (Pete Williams)

IMG 7265

Near Earl Sterndale, Parkhouse and Chrome Hill (Pete Williams)

IMG 0723

Fields near Morley Green (Bill Irwin)

Next, a bumper crop of pictures of well-known Cheshire landmarks from David Goatman:

Bate Mill front

Bate Mill

Bate Mill Race

Bate Mill race

New Village sign Goostrey

New village sign, Goostrey

St Lukes Goostrey with Easter Cross

St Lukes, Goostrey

Jodrell bank in neutral

Jodrell Bank telescope in neutral

Marthal village Hall

Marthall Village Hall

Spring Blossom

Spring Blossom

Toft Church

Tofts Church

DSC 0642

Whitegate Way and (formerly) George Ellis’s bike (Geoff Southworth)


Approaching Mottram-St-Andrew from Alderley Edge (Roger Hubbold)

IMG 1715

Marple Ridge looking towards Mellor (Gwynedd Miller)

IMG 1711

Spot the robin (Gwynedd Miller)

IMG 20200405 152451840 HDR

St Wilfred’s, Mobberley (David Goatman)

IMG 1681

The Murder Stone, Higher Disley (Gwynedd Miller)

IMG 20200326 142340439 HDR

St Bartholomew Church, Wilmslow (David Goatman)

IMG 20200327 132131152 HDR

Tatton is closed! (David Goatman)

IMG 20200329 132651323

So where is this in Cheshire, Hilary asks (Hilary Tarleton)

IMG 1675

At The Wizard, Alderley Edge (Gwynedd Miller)

DSC 0625

River Weaver near Northwich (Geoff Southworth)

Whaley Road, between Disley and Whaley Bridge

On Whaley Road between Disley and Whaley Bridge (Roger Hubbold)

South from Eccles Pike

Looking south from Eccles Pike (Roger Hubbold)

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